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Server & Storage

Our servers and storage consist of racks. Rack servers provide data and services to clients. They're often seen in data centers with dozens, if not thousands, of server racks and cabinets. Our rack servers are partnered by:


We are Providing four different types of software services:

• Enterprise Asset Management Software
• Cloud Computing
• Backup, disaster recovery, and Data Protection
• Content Services Platforms

Server Operating System

Your network and server must change to keep up, and Acorac Technologies is here to help you along the way as you make the switch to the cloud. Choose from a variety of services, ranging from design to assistance, to help you reduce time to value and maximize your networking resources. Our software products are:

• Windows Server Standard
• Windows Server Data Center
• Exchange Server

Backup, disaster recovery and Data Protection

We do everything in our reach to help protect your data, make sure it’s backed up in the system and of course, we are always there for the option of disaster recovery to restore your lost files and data.


Cyber security, compliance, and restoration are all available through Acorac Technologies' products and solutions. To expand security across the network, we use next-generation firewalls, sophisticated threat prevention, advanced threat, security coordination, administration, and insights. Our partners in Cyber security software are:

Cloud Computing

Through our contemporary cloud services that cover the security and network domains, Acorac Technologies enables your company to expand elastically while reducing capital expenditure.