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Acorac Group, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a global leader in Power Solutions, IT Outsourcing, Project Management, and Implementation. We offer best-in-class technology and business services to clients all around the world. Manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, retail, transportation, energy, government, and healthcare are just a few of the industries we serve. Our service consistently exceeds client expectations and adds value to their business.

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What We Do

We provide best of breed technical and business services to the clients spread across the world.

Digital Technology

Acorac Group Consulting services address a variety of sectors by combining technology, expertise, and strategic capabilities. Our experts will use their years of experience to guarantee that the deployed strategic technology remains aligned with your company's goals and objectives.

Technical Leadership

Giving you a competitive advantage, we offer and share technical services that will lead to your long-term sustainability in technical leadership.


We have expert solutions that are adaptable to solve the problems and difficulties faced by clients in their IT businesses.

Services We Can Help You With

High-quality IT outsourcing solutions to your business and organizations. We will help you design, manage, and fulfill your IT outsourcing requirements.

We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

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Our Technology Partners

Our portfolio includes an extensive list of business partners across a large segment of business industries.

We're all about action! We're all about action!

We're all about action!

Who doesn’t want to cope with the latest IT trends and innovations? Acorac Group has been offering premium IT outsourcing and project management services intended to help your IT workers improve their skills. Training, project management, training, solution development, skills analysis, post-training counseling, and support are all part of this. Our Experts know technology and can innovate, take initiative, think strategically and lead competitive organizations at all levels. 

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We're all about action!

Data Center Solutions

Manage your data center to improve effectiveness and stability. Restructuring your data center network is required to ensure operational reliability. Acorac Technologies automates and evaluates your data center network's design, deployment, and operations in multivendor environments, offering a source of truth, advanced analytics, and root-cause analysis.

Backup and Storage Solutions

Acorac Technologies can assist you to find the right backup solution for your organization, as well as install and handle the backup process, from recovering a single file to a full recovery. Whether your company wants to back up or manage and monitor the equipment that is being backed up remotely.

Network and Security Solutions

Acorac Technologies protects people, apps, and facilities across the whole network by extending security to every point of connection, from client to cloud. This can only be accomplished if security is incorporated into the same network architecture that provides connectivity, and is applied to all points in the network.

Telecommunications Solutions

Giving your employees greater avenues to be heard is the foundation of the digital workforce of the future with a cloud-based phone system, you can make work happen however you choose. Support various devices with a single phone number and effortlessly switch from desk to mobile.

IPTV Solutions

Running your IPTV service and its technological environment in-house is also time-consuming and demands extensive technical knowledge. Acorac Technologies provides a fully controlled, end-to-end IPTV system that is extremely adaptable, and simple to set up. We can assist you with adding an IPTV option to optimize existing IPTV offerings.

Network Solutions

Networks are the foundation of today's enterprises, so they require special attention. Acorac Technologies in Dubai, UAE will design and set up a network for you that lets you use the latest cloud-based solutions. Our content screening and capacity control procedures ensure that our network is always lightning fast.

Our Products

Browse our products to see how they can help you develop a system for the coming generations and give your users the greatest experience possible.

Server & Storage

Our Rack servers provide data and services to clients. They're often seen in data centers with dozens, if not thousands, of server racks and cabinets.

• Dell / HP/ Lenovo Rack Servers
• Dell / HP/ Lenovo Tower Servers
• Dell Rugged Servers


We are Providing four different types of software services:

• Server Operating System
• Cloud Computing
• Backup, disaster recovery, and Data Protection
• Internet Cyber Security Software

Backup, disaster recovery and Data Protection

We do everything in our reach to help protect your data and make sure it’s backed up in the system.

• Veeam

Internet Cybersecurity Software

Cyber security, compliance, and restoration are all available through Acorac Group's products and solutions.

• Kaspersky

Server Operating System

Your network and server must change to keep up, and Acorac Group is here to help you along the way as you make the switch to the cloud.

• Windows Server Standard
• Windows Server Data Center
• Exchange Server

Cloud Computing

Through our contemporary cloud services that cover the security and network domains, Acorac Group enables your company to expand elastically.

• VMware
• RedHat